Bathroom renovations in Montreal

Bathroom renovations can seem like a daunting task. When it comes to home improvements, many people avoid renovating a bathroom or putting in a powder room because they think that the work will take too long or be too stressful. But with Lionix Renovations, you can rest assured knowing that our helpful, certified home renovation contractors/installers have the experience necessary to provide high-quality bathroom renovation and installation services. We can offer you a luxurious, functional bathroom that fits your home's architectural style and your budget.

Whether you’re renovating an existing bathroom or installing a new one, don’t just place your trust in a handyman without the proper tools or expertise; as a certified general contractor for the Montreal area, we offer the following services for bathroom renovations in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil:


Planning you bathroom renovation:

Our interior renovations experts draw plans and provide design advice in order to help you plan your dream bathroom down to the smallest detail. This involves drawing room plans and choosing cabinet, vanity, faucet, sink, flooring, wall covering, bath, and shower options. Good planning ensures that fixtures are placed strategically and that the room is equipped with practical touches like sliding doors and much more. For a high-quality, relaxing, and comfortable bathroom, contact us at (514) 670-5135 or fill out our online form for a free and no-obligation quote.



To ensure that your bathroom renovation in Montreal, Laval or Longueuil is done as neatly as possible, we take care of the demolition work and dispose of your bathroom’s existing installations ourselves.


Reconstruction :

In addition to working in accordance with Construction Code regulations, as a Montreal contractor we always respect our clients’ budgetary and time constraints and work according to plan.

Our bathroom reconstruction services include painting, flooring installation (with or without underfloor heating), wallcovering installation (splashbacks, etc.), ventilation installation, and more. Our project managers pay attention to every detail, from the bathroom's overall design to the ideal shower head.


Bathroom plumbing:

As part of our bathroom renovation services, we take care of all necessary plumbing for your new fixtures. And because all our renovators hold RBQ licenses, you can be sure that our plumbing work is of high quality.


Electrical work:

Did you know that the putting electrical switches and lighting fixtures within reach of a bathtub or shower is prohibited? We consult with you to determine your energy needs in order to better plan your bathroom's electrical details, such as outlets. All of our electricians hold RBQ licenses and have been accredited as master electricians.



No detail is too small for our designers, who think of every possible way to make your bathroom the best it can be. To make your dream bathroom a reality, we do everything from choosing flooring material (such as marble, etc.) to shopping for decorative elements.

At Lionix Renovations, our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations on every job we do. We make an effort to help you at every step towards making your dream bathroom a reality.

Doing business with Lionix Renovations means working with a general contractor that is passionate about attention to detail. Fill out our online form for a free quote and let’s get renovating!