Masonry installation and renovation


Because our masonry team is made up exclusively of journeyman masons, we can guarantee high-quality, expert work. We have the ability to build or repair any masonry project.

Our masonry services in Montreal include bricklaying, concrete block construction and stonework.

Bowing Repair


“Bowing” refers to the outward swelling of a brick wall. It happens when thermal expansion causes small cracks in the wall, allowing water to enter and causing metal brick ties to rust and break, which in turn causes the wall to swell.

Although bowing is a common phenomenon, it’s important to begin repairs as soon as possible to avoid having to rebuild the wall.



During the mortar repair process, our masons remove damaged mortar, replace it with new material, and clean the area.

Our equipment allows us to do repointing work on high buildings and in narrow spaces.

Wall reconstruction


When restoring older buildings in Montreal, it’s often necessary to demolish and rebuild walls that are too weak. Our masons and bricklayers have all the equipment necessary, including scaffolding and aerial work platforms, to work on tall buildings. Our masonry wall reconstruction services include removing existing bricks and stones, assessing your wall’s structural integrity, insulating the wall, and installing new masonry.